Thursday, March 01, 2007

American Idol Week 2: The Broads

The girls sang last night and once again I think their group did a better job than the guys, but at least the guys put up a fight this time. Melinda is going to have to have a complete meltdown to lose this thing. I think she’s unbelievable. She seems to be under a little more control than Lakisha. Lakisha is amazing, but I think I need to see her sing some different songs. I am confident Melinda can sing anything, but I will need to see Lakisha do it. If she can, then it will be a really great battle between the two. Just as an aside, I love Gladys Knight and the Pips.

As for the rest, I liked Stephanie, Sabrina, and Jordin. I want to like Gina, but she just didn’t do it for me last night, but I think she was better than a few others. I want to like Haley because she is a saucy mama, but she can’t hang with most of these girls. I also want to like Leslie because she seems kooky, but she looks soooo uncomfortable and weird when performing. I guess what I am saying is I LOOOOOOOVE the ladies or at least I really want to LOOOOOOOVE the ladies.

Now we have Antonella, who was horrible last week, and this week she went from horrible to just putrid, so it was an improvement. I was amazed that it didn’t feel all weird and uncomforting while she was on screen, considering most of us have seen her in various stages of undress or worse if you believe that girl was her. I did feel weird when they flashed to her mom in the audience, but I just went to my happy place and thought of Antonella's photos and the feeling passed. I thought Antonella seemed a little weird, rolling her eyes, and showing some attitude when the judges were telling her she stunk. I was going to use another word, but… Anyway, she is the Sundance of the girls, the one who just doesn’t belong, but somehow keeps hanging on.

Who will go tonight? It doesn’t really matter; I don’t think there will be any surprises. I think Alaina and Leslie will go tonight. Antonella stays?!? I think she stays unless there is some trickery and the “votes” were already cast for her by the producers before the show started. Otherwise, she is the bad one who will stick around and I am starting to enjoy seeing her sing badly and then be told how craptacular she is. For the guys, it could be just about any one of them, but I think we will say goodbye to Nicholas and Sanjaya. Sundance lives on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My top 6 girls who will make the final 12

1. Melinda-She is the best hands down.

1a. Lakisha-She is the best hands down.

3. Stephanie-Another with a big voice, but not big enough for the top girls.

4. Sabrina-Really, can she beat the top two? No, but better than the rest.

5. Jordin-I think she will make final 12 on potential alone.

6. Antonella-She is my Sundance pick, more college guys will vote for her than voted for president in the last election. She stinks, but she is very photogenic.

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