Thursday, March 22, 2007

John Edwards Just Got Slimier

The Democratic presidential hopeful had said the only way he would drop out of the race was if his wife's cancer returned.

Fate called his bluff, and Edwards backed off it. So much so that the article linked above quotes him as saying they never seriously thought about it [dropping out of the race.]

I don't know what conversations they had. I don't know what her wishes were. I don't know what their resolve is. I don't know why he wants to be president. But I know this. I'm a husband of just about the best wife anyone could ever hope for. And if she were, God forbid, diagnosed with a critical illness my world would stop.

For Edwards to proudly boast that this will not deter his presidential bid only makes me dislike him more. And yes, I admit, I disliked him in the first place. But I think I would dislike Moses if he made this decision. It disgusts me to my core. I believe it is based on a greedy nature that is bent on gaining power, fame, fortune, and notariety.

God bless her. I hope our Lord and Savior reaches out and cures her, outworking the most hopeful prognosis. But I just cannot understand his decision.


Piccu said...

This is the world of politics. Nothing surprises me anymore in this world. I am not as torn up about this as you are because everyone in the pres race has looked bad. It is sort of disturbing because this is family and not just us regualr Americans he seems to be screwing over.

I don't understand why he even thinks he can win the nomination. He is trailing Al Gore and he isn't even running. He should have ended his run to take care of his wife. This would make him look really good and give him another four years to build up better buzz.
Frankly I am surprised his advisors, much less his conscience, would let him do this and the GOP will have a field day with this mud to sling.

Frankly, I am not pleased with any choices that are out there for either side, but that is par for the course these days.

BRATCH said...

I gotta be honest, I don't care about this story one bit. As far as I'm concerned his only mistake was talking to the media about his wife's condition and speaking about what he might do if things go south.

I can also say that I'm completely over political stories that are nothing but negative. I'm not saying that the media should overlook major transgressions by some candidates, but at some point we need to hear a little something more than the garbage that's out there at the moment.

When major political news surrounds a candidate paying $400 worth of old parking tickets and how that is going to affect his campaign, we've got more important things to worry about. And that was a major story.

I would appreciate it if we could start reading stories about what a candidate wants to accomplish should he or she become president.

Unfortunately, every candidate is going to do the same thing and the vote will sway with "family values" or some stupid junk like that.

Travis said...

Politics has descended into that. But to be clear, I didn't see any negative stories about Edwards' deicision. That was my take on it.

The Obama parking ticket thing was just idiotic. Although I do wonder how in the world someone gets that many parking tickets. Sheesh.

Travis said...

For bratch,
If you really want to see a positive news story regarding politics look the the Edwards situation and how it's being viewed by the mainstream press.

NBC called him courageous. CNN said he was strong.

I still say he's a creep.