Wednesday, March 21, 2007

AH-HAAAA! The crying girl on AI was a plant.

Well, sort of, click this link for a full explanation. It seems that the little girl and her mother had tickets for either the 5th grader show or American Idol rehearsals. They lucked out and got to go to the AI rehearsals and nagoggally, the little girl immediately burst into tears. The AI people saw this and knew that those weren't tears coming out of her eyes, oh no, it was gold.

AI asked the little girl and her mother to stay for the real deal and made sure they had excellent seats. And when I say excellent, I mean more face time than Seacrest. I had my suspicions about her, and so did Tony Kornheiser, but I let it go because who knew for sure. Well, now it seems we know. I am not sure how I feel about this manufactured emotion, not from the girl, but the emotion the AI producers were trying to get out of the viewers. I guess anything goes as long as it makes for good TV and that little onion peeler definitely made the show more interesting.

It seemed to me that she got the most airtime during Sanjaya's song. Does that mean that the powers that be want him to stay? The little girl definitely made Sanjaya look good with her freak out. The AI people definitely seem like they have an agenda. This proves the point again that this is far from a singing competition, this is a popularity contest. Well, we will see in about five minutes if the crying girl saved the crappy singer.

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