Monday, July 16, 2007

Yamma hamma!!! Why do people run with the bulls?!?

It's summer, you are in Spain, Pamplona to be exact, and you are looking for something to do. What jackass in his right mind decides to run with the f'n bulls? I see no reason for anyone to do this and I always root for the bulls in this tradition. You may say that is harsh or cruel, but after the running of the bulls is over, all the bulls who make it to the bull ring are then killed. So as far as I see it, if the bulls are going to die no matter what, then they might as well get some of the killers.

That was all a big set up to a victory for the bulls. Chris, our Senior Junior Lil' Gunrunner Pacific North West Coresspndent sent us this pic. It is not bloody, but if you look closely you will be disturbed at first, but when you realize that bull was then later killed, you will feel justified.



BRATCH said...
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BRATCH said...

That's pretty bad, but the photo of the dude who looking like one of the bulls checked his prostate is much worse. Lots of blood and a person attempting to stop the bleeding.

It's probably not as freakishly gruesome as that photo, but likely to be more serious.

I would never run with the bulls, but being trampled to death is much better than taking a horn in an embarrassing place and kicking the bucket because of it.

That's just wrong. It's like Keith Richards almost buying the farm in his 60's because he fell out of a coconut tree. That's just embarrassing.

Travis said...

No it's called Darwinism. People who are stupid enough to run with bulls probably don't need to survive and procreate. If they do, the species will eventually cease to exist.

Some famous fathers who ran with the bulls and lived:
Papa Hussein
Daddy Hitler
Father Lenin
Mr. Hasselhoff.

See? I rest my case. And that's all true, you can look it up. (not really)