Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Manly Men of Mankind Club (Nominee)

I was sent a link to this video from Chris our Senior Lil' Junior Gunrunner and Pacific North West correspondent and it be may the newest member of Travis' elite Manly Men of Mankind Club.

In this video you will see a couple of guys who strapped together about 1,000 Roman candles and lights them all. For someone who looks at the 4th of July as second Christmas this warmed my heart and to be honest lit a fire in my loins.

Snort this!!!!!


BRATCH said...

This actually kind of disappointed me.

This is something we should have came up with years ago.

Piccu said...

I am going to shoot you in the f'n face with about 300 Roman candles.

Travis said...

You are making a mockery of the Manly Men of Mankind Club.

If he would have improvised the Roman Candles into the weapon to ward off one or a large group of varmints, then he'd be in.

Or if he'd used the Roman Candles to shoot a car bomber in the junk.