Monday, July 23, 2007

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 27 is in the air!!!

The latest episode of the Bombay Gunrunners is in the air and for those of you who are pansies, it is not as supersized as the last few have been. I know some of you have soooo much going on in your lives.

In this episode the Gunrunners discuss Lee and Dustin's mob uped insurance agent, drug bust in the OC, Dustin flies an Apache Long Bow helicopter, cockfighting in London (KY that is), and a fireworks injury (not any of us, sorry).

We also discuss VH1's Rock of Love and Big Brother 8. Then in movies we discuss Munich, Support Your Local Gun Fighter, Rashomon, God Forgives, But I Don't and Julie asks Lee about a pile of DVDs she stole from a friend.

In music the BGRs give you a pick hit of the week and take you back to 1982 with some classic rock while they blast through crazy news of the week.

We then wrap up the show with some great email and comments. Speaking of great email and comments, email us with anything at or make a comment or message us at our myspace page. You can also check us out at Now let us hear from you and we will make you famous or at the least relatively known.

Snort me!!!!

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