Wednesday, July 18, 2007

First Lifetime Ban from the MMM

The Manly Men of Mankind, in conjuction with Huevos International and the Hairy Knuckles Foundation, would like to hereby announce that Michael Vick has been banned for life from any MMM functions or rosters.

Seriously, if all this is true, and there's an awful lot of smoke if there's no fire, then I hope he gets a maximum jail sentance. And I'm shocked they couldn't come up with some animal cruelty charges to tack on to Vick's conspiracy and sponsoring indictments.

Read the link by clicking on the title of this post if you're not up-to-date on the Michael Vick dog fighting case. The cruelty they're talking about here is almost unspeakable. Drowning, electrocuting, shooting, or other executions of the dogs AFTER you forced them to fight each other.

Wounded dogs, undernourished, killed, beaten, etc, etc, etc.

The Vicks are proof that sometimes being a lowlife is a genetic trait.


BRATCH said...

According to Manly Men of Mankind Mandate (4M) 362.956r4

No man shall engage nor aid in the facilitating of any activity that may harm or kill man's best friend, the dog. Even if that man is the quarterback of an NFL football team.

While QBs are held in high regard by the Manly Men of Mankind, they are not above the MMM Mandates even if they are above the law.

You might be able to sneak some weed into an airport and get away with it, but we'll not stand for dog killing.

Travis said...

Hear, Hear!

I just heard a caller on the Jim "Call Me Chris One More Time" Rome show accuse Rome of being racist because of his denouncing Vick and his actions.

Kiddos, this isn't about race. It's really not. For some redneck yahoos, everything is about race. But for the majority of people this is about an atrocity committed by a high profile loser.

And finally, kudos to Bobby Petrino for leaving a BCS contending UofL team and its Heisman favorite QB to take the reigns of the Falcons. Enjoy pencilling in Joey Harrington/DJ Shockely, Dave Kreig or whoever you end up with at QB.