Thursday, July 26, 2007

Call It What You Will, BET is Doing Something Right

Initially the show was to be called, Hot Ghetto Mess, after the website that inspired it. Instead it debuted last night on BET under the name, We Got To Do Better.

Let me say, this was the first show I've EVER watched on BET. And I loved it. The show is self-described "pure social commentary" about problems that exist in the black community. The show's producers say what they're doing is no different than what Bill Cosby does, highlighting shortfalls of the black community with the hopes of inciting change.

So what happens? People complain. One blog has been complaining about this show for two months without ever having seen an episode. Why are some people in the black community so afraid of changing for the better?

I applaud Bill Cosby and those at Hot Ghetto Mess/We Got To Do Better for saying things that need to be said with voices that need to be saying it. You're talking about successful individuals who want to improve their community. There's nothing at all bad about that.

Watching the show last night they would go on the street and ask simple questions of people on the street. Mostly they asked blacks, but they also asked whites and others. Things as easy as, how many blacks are on the Supreme Court. One girl said 10. No wonder they call the show, "We Got To Do Better." No one knew when slavery ended. Sad.

It's a show that could be done with any ethnic group. But having something like this on BET is a positive step. Let's just see how long it lasts and how much its lauded or loathed.


BRATCH said...

Should we be talking about this? LOL

I don't think it will take long for SNL or someone to spoof it with another group of people. They already did it with white people a few year ago.

It was called Good Morning Meth.

Piccu said...

This just sounds like an urban Jay Walking segment on the Tonight Show.

Travis said...

There are segments that are similar to that piccu. But there are also clips that are sent in and scoured off the internet.

To me, it's more of people being confronted with an issue and are attacking the presenter rather than dealing with the problem.