Monday, July 09, 2007

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 25 is in the air!!!!

The Bombay Gunrunners are back with a VENGEANCE!!! Well, maybe not a vengence, but we are back with a huge episode.

In this episode we discuss a possible theme song change, an old myth, our fireworks displays, synonyms for the word brothel and Julie and Pat's trip to the track.

In TV we discuss Big Brother 8 and Evil Dick and we also mention Ice Road Hookers, Deadliest Catch and the great Burn Notice.

Then in movies, we discuss Transformers, Fantastic Four: Rise O' the Silver Turd, Ghost Suckster, 711 Ocean Drive, Meet Me in St. Louis, Marathon Man, and Support Your Local Sheriff!

Then Dustin and Lee discuss their trip to Olive Garden and Stone Cold Creamery and Julie tries to guess our cost.

Then we finish strong with Rock Band, a dude changes his name to Megatron, an 11 year old gets a DUI, a woman sells her special flower, a public service announcment about smoking while jumping on an oil tank, and a condom snatch and grab.

Whew, try to make it through that in one sitting. As always, you can send us your thoughts and stories to or leave a message on our myspace page. You can also download and listen to the show at or look us up on iTunes.

Snort that!!!!!

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