Thursday, July 05, 2007

Guitar Hero Freaks line up for a cool Rock Band preview.

Here’s something for all you anxiously waiting the release of the video game Rock Band. It is a video of a little ditty called Welcome to the Jungle and it shows you how things may be set up for the game. The Rock Band game allows you to play the guitar, the bass, the drums and sing. Makers of the game have already said that this video is old and that Jungle may not even be in the game, but to see how it is set up and how the drums look is cool.

One thing I am worried about is the fact that the karaoke part of the game seems to be you singing into the mic and the original lead singer’s voice coming out of the TV. If I am going to sing and make an ass out of myself I want it to be my own voice I hear over the music.

But what I am so freaking excited about is that if you watch the video you will see that at the end of the song it appears that you have the ability to freestyle and play any kind of end wankery you want. If that is the case I am sure no price will be too much for me to shell out for this.

It’s gonna bring you down…HUH!!!!!!!!!

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