Thursday, July 05, 2007

Manly Men of Mankind (1st British Member)

You've got to love a cabbie that'll kick a flaming terrorist square in the crotchular region. Good show chap! You juggled his twig and berries!

Alex McIlveen kicked the terrorist in the groin so hard, he tore a tendon in his foot!

Manly Men everywhere, meet your new brother.

(and piccu, there's proof that you don't have to kill a rabid animal to be in the club)


BRATCH said...

I think I have to call shenanigans on this one.

While I can appreciate the brute force he inflicted on this terrorist there are some issues I have with this one.

1) He kicked the dude in crotchular region. Some men would call that a little less than manly.

2) He injured HIMSELF in the process. That's not really manly at all.

A manly man would have plucked out his eyeballs with two quick motions and Chuck Norris'ed him across the face. Or since he was a cabbie, running him over with his car would have been cool too.

Travis said...

BUT, the dude was a terrorist. I'll grant you, if you kick a guy in the johnboat normally, that's foul play. But this guy was a car bombing terrorist creep. Kick away. It's GOOD!

The fact that he kicked so hard that he hurt himself diminshes it slightly. But then again, that's a good swift kick.