Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Manly Men of Mankind Welcomes Ben

Our first Aussie has made it into the Manly Men of Mankind Club.

Welcome Ben Czislowski. Ben is a rugby player. Already he's an honorary member. But Ben is much more than an ordinary player. Ben had a clash with an opponent (from the Tweed Heads...and you thought Florida Marlins was gay!) For three months Ben kept competing despite some headaches.

Why was Ben's head aching? Because a doctor later found he had his opponent's tooth embedded in his head. A tooth embedded in his HEAD! And he kept playing! For three months!

The Manly Men of Mankind happily coronate Ben Czislowski as our first Australian member. Man on!


BRATCH said...

I just don't know about this one.

A few years ago I heard a story on the radio about a dude that, while waiting to be seen at an emergency room at his local hospital, dug a bullet out of his own forehead and went home.

If this tooth was embedded in the rugby player's skull, maybe, but I doubt that was the case.

Travis said...

It had to be in some bad place to be causing these other health issues. And consider that when he was stitched up after his game, the doc didn't notice it. So it must have really been in there. And he kept playing with it. That's great stuff.

Now the bullet digger has a good case. But the club is young, just getting it's legs. We'll eventually get every manly man inducted. Patience is key.

BRATCH said...

You didn't say he had a tooth stitched into his head. That's pretty awesome.