Monday, July 23, 2007

Manly Men of Mankind... First member from the OC

Manly Men of Mankind, meet the newest member. Uncle Herbie.

Uncle Herbie didn't wrestle a rabid rodent as some of our members, but his story is real and unbelievable. But most importantly it happened here in the OC and Herbie is related to a couple of the Bombay Gunrunners.

Anyway, Herbie was doing a little bushhogging, which is the manliest of all the mowing a man can perform, and of course he was on a tractor when he was doing this. He was mowing on a bank when the tractor began to slide sideways down the bank.

Fearing that the tractor was going to turn over as many of us that have ridden a tractor have had happen, Herbie jumped off the tractor onto an asphalt driveway.

As he landed onto the asphalt driveway, the top of Herbie's tibia at the knee pretty much exploded and the bone split in half.

He quickly collected himself and noticed that the tractor he feared was going to turn over actually didn't and since it was still in gear was still going without a driver. From there he actually got to his feet, caught the tractor and actually jumped back onto the tractor and regained control.

After taking the tractor back to the house he passed out from the pain of his severely damaged leg.

Doctors had to take his leg and screw the tibia halves back together, put a cap on top of it and use bone cement to replace the fragments in what was most likely a lengthy surgical procedure.

He is still in the hospital but is expected to get out in a day or two.

Either way, he's Batman in my book.

The Manly Men of Mankind honor Uncle Herbie as our first member from the OC.

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Travis said...

The MMM Proudly Welcomes Uncle Herby, the crazy son-of-a-gun.