Monday, July 09, 2007

The best movie trailer the world...I'm serious.

If you haven't seen the new Transformers movie, and if you listen to the podcast you can get all the Gunrunners reactions to it, then you missed possibly the greatest movie trailer of all time. It will freak you out. It reminded me of the craziness of The Blair Witch Project except in color and with something very, very big causing earthquakes and explosions and fire and brimstone.

Click right here and you will get whisked away to a story from MTV on the mysterious trailer for a movie by Alias and Lost creator J. J. Abrams. In the story you get plenty of speculation and no answers, which makes this even more mysterious. Some of the theories are that it's a Godzilla reboot, a Voltron movie, or a completely original story. Whatever the case, there is no title for this movie (even though you see the words Bad Robot before it starts, Bad Robot being J. J. Abrams' production company) and the trailer never really let's us see anything, but it rules none the rest.

So despite how Julie and I felt about Transformers the movie, you need to go see it specifically for this mystery trailer. Do it, NOW!!!

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my_merlin77 said...

Interesting, very interesting indeed. I think JJ Abrams may be better suited to make movies anyway. They need some alias movies.