Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cornell wants to rage on his own, leaves Audioslave.

Here we go, you may have heard the speculation here first a few months ago, but now it is official. Chris Cornell has left Audioslave and is focusing on his solo career. The split was “due to irresolvable personality conflicts as well as musical differences.” If you have been keeping score at home, you had to see this coming. Audioslave just recently released their third album, Revelations, but had no plans on touring and Cornell was already working on a solo album as Revelations was revealed. All was denied at that time but I guess it is now safe to come out with the truth.

Now I love Audioslave, even though most of the music was a little disjointed and the Rage and the Soundgarden never could quite merge into a tight unit, but if this means a return of Rage Against the Machine, I am all for this. Rage is getting together again for the Coachella music festival and politics in America is so messed up that that has to be pulling Tom Morello and Zach de la Rocha together again. I just hope this isn’t a one off that this seemed when Audioslave were still together.

As I said this is the year of the reunion, so who knows. Now, if we could just get Chris Cornell to give up the solo work and reform Soundgarden, then I would have two of my top 10 faves back together again. This would be the first divorce that worked out for the parents (Rage, Soundgarden) and the kids(the fans).

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