Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pac-Man Jones: A Real Role Model

You would think that a guy with a nickname like Pac-Man wouldn’t be such a scumbag, d-bag, a-hole, and moron. But not Pac-Man Jones of the NFL’s Tennessee Titans. This menace is once again involved with breaking the law and out and out thuggery.

It seems Pac-Man got a little crazy during NBA All-Star weekend in Vegas at a strip club. It seems that Pac-Man threw hundreds of $1 bills into the air and got upset at a stripper who started collecting the loot. What does Pac-Man do to show his displeasure? He “allegedly” (and I use that word very loosely) spit on her, then he began to punch her in the face. A real man this guy is.

Pac-Man was restrained by a bouncer but escaped after his girlfriend hits the bouncer over the head with a champagne bottle, birds of a feather, huh. Pac-Man then finds the stripper and begins punching her in the face again, “allegedly.” The bouncer gets him again and Pac-Man says that he is going to kill the bouncer, “allegedly.”

After the club was cleared, what do you know, one of Pac-Man’s homies goes and gets his gun and shoots three people at the club, including the bouncer and paralyzing another of the victims, “allegedly.” Jones claims he does not know the shooter but witnesses say that he came and left with the shooter. If Pac-Man’s past behavior is any indication, his friend can expect Pac-Man to eventually tell the cops everything he knows to save his worthless hide. His friend needs to remember, Pac-Man is a coward and, I was going to say a little girl, but that is an insult to little girls everywhere.

This is the eighth time that Pac-Man as been involved in some sort of legal dustup since he entered the NFL and one of many times he has abused women. It would serve the NFL well if this moron were sent to prison for the rest of his playing career or just straight up gotten rid of, permanently, as in death penalty. A human being like this does not deserve to be a part of society if he is going to act this way. Punching women and getting your boys to do the dirty work is not the sign of a man, it’s the sign of a cowardly punk and anything bad that happens in his life he deserves ten fold.


BRATCH said...

You need to be more straight forward, Piccu.

If you've got something to say, just say it.

Piccu said...

You may not think so, but I held back.

The more I hear about this idiot the angrier I get. He's a football player, a big man, but the only people he seems to hit or fight is women. There is no room on the planet for guys like this. I am not the type of person who would straight up wish someone ill, BUT I would not lose any sleep if Pac-Man's life came crumbling down.

I am not talking about death, but perhaps some time in a super max prison where he is surrounded by many huge, lonely, evil men. That's all I'm saying.

Travis said...

Ms. Pac-Man has one thing going for him. He's a great football player.

The sad fact is, that's enough.

Being a great athlete is enough in our society. Isn't that right Steve Howe? Wouldn't you say so Darryl Strawberry? Don't you agree Pete Ros...hmm...well most of the time it's enough.

The question is whether or not Jones actually did anything this time or whether he's just guilty by association. The reports on conflicting, but there's been more smoke here than in California during wildfire season (which stretches from January to December.) It's hard to believe there's no smoke.

And if Jones were guilty of doing nothing more than being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong thugs, it's still enough.

Lack of Morality + Lack of Maturity + Endless Supply of Cash = Lessons in Uber Stupidity.

Picc, I'm with you, if this guys life came crashing down like a Gena Davis sitcom, it wouldn't hurt my feelings in the least.