Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Uh-oh. It looks like I may be taking a road trip in mid-June.

Holy Crap!!! I said those words exactly when I saw this on Yahoo. I must preface this by saying I love going to live shows, but I have never in my life been to a 2 or 3 OR 4 day festival type event. Maybe that is about to change. I saw this article on Yahoo about Bonnaroo and I have decided that I may need to buy a tent and some psychedelic mushrooms and hit the road.

I posted earlier about the rumored acts that would be appearing in Manchester, TN at the Bonnaroo fest and I was impressed. I did not feel the need to travel there and hang with 80,000 hippies. But now I have seen the confirmed lineup and all of that has changed. Check it out.

Let’s get the big boys out of the way first, The Police will be headlining one night, in addition to them other biggies will be The White Stripes and Tool. I could stop there because the Stripes and Tool are two of my all time faves. That is enough to make me want to bake up some pot brownies and learn to use leaves as toilet paper. But the great music will not stop there, by the time I am done listing all the bands that will be there, we will all gather together and charter a bus to Manchester.

In addition to The Police, The White Stripes and Tool we have Ben Harper, Wilco, The Flaming Lips, The String Cheese Incident, Franz Ferdinand, Gov’t Mule, The Decemberists, WOLFMOTHER, KINGS OF LEON, THE BLACK KEYS, Spoon, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Hold Steady, North Mississippi All-Stars, Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys, Dierks Bentley, T-Bone Burnett, Junior Brown, Clutch, Cold War Kids, Black Angels, and many more I never really heard of. If that isn’t enough, Lewis Black, David Cross, and Dave Atell will also be there. Also it is said that the organizers are still booking bands to play.

Are you ready to load up the magic bus? With this festival I could knock a lot of bands off my “never seen in concert” list. I may have to do some talking with Bratch. Tickets are extremely affordable for a four day event. The prices range from $184.50 to $214.50.

Now, if you are like me and want to go first class all the way, there is a special VIP package that you can purchase. Here is what the VIP package includes, 2 VIP tickets, VIP entrance, preferred parking and camping, special showers and restroom facilities, VIP pre-event party on Thursday night. That is pretty cool but that’s not all, if you act now you also get access to two VIP lounges with DISCOUNTED beverages and full buffet and snacks. Discounted? Really? I guess it’s all you can eat for free but the beverages must all be Johnny Walker Blue.

But, the most important thing you get with your purchase of a pair of VIP tickets is exclusive viewing bleachers for the main and second stages. You don’t have to sit in the dirt with the hippies!! There is also a commemorative Bonnaroo package and other amenities.

What does this all cost? Well, I’ll tell ya. All this can be yours for the low, low price of $1121.75. Is that really that much for two tickets, for four days, for over 100 bands and 20 comedians performing on 13 stages? Plus, PLUS, they are adding more bands as the days count down to show time. Mark your calendars I say. Block out the period of June 14-17 and come to Manchester and hang with Bratch and I. Because I know that when Bratch sees this and realizes the amazi-zi-zi-zing opportunity this is, we’re there. Won’t you be?


my_merlin77 said...

That's not really that far. You should really consider it. I don't know about the three nights of camping though. I might even be interested in going, but I have never heard of most of them. One of my former coworkers is obsessed with the Decemberists.

Orelinde_03 said...

Are you really thinking of doing this? That would be SO cool if you went! And just think of the history you'd be partaking in, by going!

I totally think you should do this!

Just remember to bring bug spray, sun block, and TONS of water. I speak from expierence.

Piccu said...

I am only half serious. I would love to go, but I would hate the trip down there and hate being with so many people. There is a .5% chance we will go, otherwise I will wait for the bands I want to see to come around on their own.