Thursday, February 08, 2007

Little Jerry was born to cockfight in New Mexico, but for how long?

This is ridiculous news story and political issue.

There are two states in this country where a person can see a sweet free and legal cockfight. Louisiana, no surprise, and New Mexico. Now legislators are looking to stop cockfighting in New Mexico much like the other 48 states in our country.

And the cockfighters don't like it!

You have got to read this story simply because of the quotes that are in there from the cockfighters and cockfighting fans. You would think that they it was baseball they were talking about.

This is an issue because the fighters and fans believe that if current New Mexico governor Bill Richardson wasn't running for president, they wouldn't be in this situation. As if we are going to hear about how Richardson's hardline ban on cockfighting made him the new leader of the free world. Or conversely, I doubt we would see Richardson shamed in a debate when one of his opponents brings up how New Mexico is the "cockfighting capitol of the world." Boo! Hiss!

As stupid as that reasoning sounds, others feel it is a race issue because many of those who participate are Hispanic.

Pardon me? Race issue? Slow down. Let's not forgot that are talking about taking a couple of animals and strapping blades to them so they can cut one another to ribbons until one of them is dead.

One man quoted in the story is a former Washington state lawmaker who moved from Washington state to New Mexico specifically to raise and fight roosters. So I suppose he's living the dream.

"I was stripped to the waste eating a block of cheese the size of a car battery at a cockfight last night. I was livin' the dream!" Now New Mexico is trying to take that dream away.

Another man from Texas is quoted as saying that he comes to New Mexico so he doesn't have to "look over his shoulder when he's at a cock fight."

When I read this story I didn't know what was more surprising; that cockfighting was legal anywhere in this country, that it was so friggin' popular in the areas that it is legal, or how easy it was to get these idiots to go on record talking about their passion for the sport of cockfighting.

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Piccu said...

Give me an hour and I could find you a cockfight within 25 miles of us.