Thursday, February 22, 2007

My take on American Idol, week one.

Well, here we go. You know I love watching singing competitions and then harshly judge and make fun of the contestants and American Idol is now in full effect. The top 24 have performed and it seems like we can trim about 18 from the pack to get to the really good singers.

The guys sang Tuesday night and they all pretty much sucked. The show was boring because they were boring. They all picked safe crap songs and they all did goofy hand gestures and all that stupid crap that no one needs to do if you are a talented singer. I hate to say it, but the beat boxer had the best performance and you have no idea how I loathe him. Beatboxin’!! That is not a talent my friend! Also I thought Phil Stacy, the absentee dad, did pretty well. I think that was it, the rest were not good, but I think Chris Sligh (Sideshow Chris Osborne) and Sanjaya did better than the judges thought. Otherwise they could all go home.

As for Sideshow Chris, I thought it was very interesting that he used the word strategy in approaching AI. He said he wanted to pick the right song and do the things that would get him votes. I believe that is the reason he slammed Simon like he did with the Teletubbies line. I think Chris thinks that he might be able to squeeze a few more votes from the fans that can’t stand Simon and like to see him get a little abuse from the contestants. Well played my friend, well played.

As for the girls, it was night and day. There were three times as many girls who sang well as guys. I am beginning to think the girls are the cream this season. Gina, Sabrina, and Melinda were all good, but Lakisha blew everyone out of the water. She "killed it" as the members of RockStar:SuperNova would say. At first I wasn’t sure if she had the “look” that America is looking for, but she looked amazing last night and sounded 100 times better than anyone there. Simon told the rest they should book their tickets home and you could see by the looks on the other girls’ faces that they knew he was right. Right now, this is Lakisha’s show to lose. The only way she doesn’t win is if she has a couple bad performances in a row or America doesn’t think she has the “look” of an American Idol. But in the end, if you make it to the final 10 or so, you can pretty much guarantee a record deal.

As for who goes tonight, it could be any number of guys, but Sundance is just plan horrible. I think he will go and you can just throw a dart and send someone else home. The girls will lose Antonella because she was as bad as any of the ones who didn’t make it out of the prelim auditions. She was the worst of the week by far. The other girl who goes, eh, who cares, there were plenty who were bad enough to warrant getting the boot. If the first nights of live singing are any indication, there are only 6 or 7 who are good enough to win this thing and the rest are just filler. We will have a competition on our hands when we get to the final 6 or seven in late April or early May.

By the by, if you like podcasts and you like American Idol check out Reality Check: American Idol Style. It is a podcast on AI by three talented girls in Wisconsin. It’s fun to listen to and they probably know more about what they are talking about than I do. Search for Reality Check in iTunes or go to for downloads and blogs and comments. And while you are at it, get the latest edition of the Bombay Gunrunners on iTunes or at Word.

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