Wednesday, February 28, 2007

American Idol Week 2: The Dudes

I thought Sundance WAS good. His was the only performance I watched all of. He won't win and he shouldn't win, but he was good enough to stick around. Besides, his baby will keep him on the show a couple of weeks now.

The best last night was probably Chris Sligh. Phil Stacy was good, but the rest did bore me. Maybe I just don't like the guys.

The beatboxer lost me when he started scatting and beboping all over the place. I love Jamiroquai and I thought that breakdown ruined a great song. And the kid (another Chris maybe?) who thinks he is Justin Timberlake just seems like an impersonator to me. He should be in Vegas.

Sanjaya is BAD!!! Who knew a kid that sounded so good in his audition would make the show and then disappear? He seems nervous and so out of place among even the worst of the other guys. When his sister didn't make it, I think it killed him. He may have not wanted it as much as she did. Or maybe he just can't enjoy this without her. Who knows? He sucks, but the teeny boppers may keep him around because most of the guys suck.

I think Nick Pedro, who is Mr. Invisible when it comes to personality, will go this week. I also think Sanjaya is gone even though the kids may like him. Even the kids can’t deny he was really, really, really, really, bad. Once again, there are so many who could go this week and it is so early, I think it is hard to predict the voting.

So, I will predict the final six guys who will make it to the round of 12.
1. Chris Sligh-He looks wrong, but good singer and personality. No matter what Simon says, this is more than a singing competition.

2. Phil-Again, he looks wrong, but he has talent and a story the audience will not forget.

3. Beatbox Boy-Unfortunately, I think he can actually sing. I want to ban all beatboxing and stupid hats.

4. Justin Timberlake-Again, I hate him but the girls love him. He can sing but he is too Vegas impersonator to win. He needs a new shtick.

5. The lead background singer-Time after Time is a chick song and he should have known better, but he may be the total package for this show.

6. Sundance-I know, this sounds crazy, but his song was great this week and the story of his baby helped him more than the song did. There has to be someone who is crappy but always seems to skate by for a few weeks. It's Sundance, unless it's Sanjaya.


Travis said...

I would rank them:
1. Justin Timberlake-Guy (actually he was doing Jason Mraz and did a good job.)
2. Chris Sligh-the guy has a great tone. No two ways about it.
3. Sundance-I think his voice is ordinary, but Mustang Sally (I HATE that song) was a great choice for him.
4. Jamiriqui-guy...he was ok until the beatboxing.

Everyone else was utterly forgettable. You're right picc, the guys are mostly boring.

Piccu said...

What did you expect? We always seem to have the same choice in crap singing reality show contestants.

Kim said...

I see where you're coming from with some of this, but can you honestly tell me you could pick 6 girls? Yikes, the girls are terrible. There are only three: LaKisha, Melinda, and Jordin. Unfortunately, Antonella may never leave because there has to be someone equally terrible to balance out Sundance. :)

Piccu said...

In truth, I think that this year's "talent" is not on par with season's past, as a whole.

I do however think that Melinda and Lakisha can stand next to anyone on the stage. Other than those two, the rest just seem ordinary to me.

Antonella is horrible. But she has nude and maybe even worse photos out there. She might bring the boys to the yard and get all their votes and hang in this thing like a bad Sundance.