Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Britney has escaped again!!

This whole Britney Spears fiasco has got to stop. It seems that Brit has walked out of rehab after only one day…AGAIN. FOR THE SECOND TIME IN A WEEK!!! This girl seems to be really messed up. It is becoming sad instead of funny. In fact, Craig Ferguson the host of the Late Show on CBS has decided to stop making fun of Britney because he thinks she may have serious problems and is too vulnerable to be mocked. When comedians are afraid to joke about your situation, then you are dangerously close to rock bottom.

Who saw this all coming? K-Fed is the stable one in this relationship. Have we really even heard anything out of him since Britney kicked him to the curb? Maybe it wasn’t Britney who did the kicking. Maybe K-Fed realized “this chick is whacked!!” If flashing your hoo-hah all over town wasn’t weird enough, she shaved her head because she was tired of being a brunette. I am a guy and I have never once thought about shaving my head. Then after she shaved her head she was seen wearing a blonde wig. Couldn't you just have dyed your hair, Britney? I hope Britney has a great nanny and is not coming anywhere near her kids.

I just wonder why K-Fed hasn’t tried to get the kids away from her. He obviously has enough ammunition, even for the bottom feeding ambulance chaser he could afford. Maybe he loves his kids, but not enough to live with them and care for them. I have a bad, bad feeling that we are dangerously close to an Anna Nicole situation in about a month with this girl. If she won’t commit to rehab, perhaps her family should have her committed. Maybe rehab isn't what she needs so much as extreme psycho therapy. What do you think Merlin?

I can’t imagine her career is going to ever be the same after these exploits, so she should really try to just get her life together before he career isn’t the only thing that is dead.


The third time may be the charm for bald Britney. It appears that Britney has returned to rehab just as K-Fed asked for an emergency hearing in family court. This all happened Wednesday.

The hearing was set for today, Feb. 22, but was cancelled. Hmmm, I wonder if Britney's returning to rehab had anything to do with this? It seems that the misses just keep on coming.


Piccu said...

I just read on a gossip blog (that may not be trustworthy) that Britney shaved her head because someone told her they could test for drugs by using a hair sample.

Makes more sense than shaving your head because you hated being a brunette. Hmmm, Britney's on drugs? Surely not.

Orelinde_03 said...

I have never been a Britney fan, but I don't HATE her. However I do believe she is in need of SERIOUS mental help.

(A) If you do not love yourself enough or respect yourself, how can you have a healthy relationship with anyone?

(B) Children, like pets will not fill a void in yourlife that you're looking to fulfill. Yes, they'll bring you joy, and you will love them. But you need to be able to take care of now both you and your child.

(C) At this point, the saying: 'there's no such thing as bad press' is just untrue. I think her career is not going to be able to be resurected. perhaps she knows her career is done, and thus the major self destruction.

(4) There has to come a time when her mother steps in and gets this girl help. Obviousley she is not getting it on her own. But in order for her to fix herself, she is going to have to WANT to be helped.

(5) Her children, at this point should not be allowed near her.

As for the wig, she could have totally gotten a realist looking one. That blond is as bad as the brunette locks she had been sporting.