Friday, February 02, 2007

All Oscars, all the time.

I haven’t posted much this week basically there is nothing to put up. And I am saving some stuff for the podcast, check it out at Anyway, this month is a special month on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). In honor of the upcoming Oscar telecast, all this month on TCM the movies that are being shown have either won or have been nominated for an Academy award. This does not mean that there aren’t going to be some bad movies shown, but it does mean that you will get a chance to see a lot of great movies.

Let’s look at this weekend. At 11 AM EST on TCM we have Hatari! starring one of my all-time favorites, John Wayne. This movie is not his usual western, this movie takes place in the Africa and Wayne is a big game hunter. The movie is not his greatest but what is very interesting is that the actors do all the animal captures. Knowing that makes the rhino capture seem even crazier than it appeared when I thought stunt men did the work.

Two other Wayne movies will be on Saturday, The Longest Day at 4:45 PM EST and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon at 10 PM EST. I have seen both of these movies and as far as John Wayne movies go these are two of his best. Although he doesn’t get a huge amount of screen time in the 3 hour Longest Day. The Longest Day also stars Henry Fonda, Robert Mitchum, Richard Burton, Red Buttons and Sean Connery.

On Sunday we have one of my all time favorites, mainly because I love a good war movie, The Dirty Dozen at 1:30 PM EST. It’s a movie about a group of misfits that come together to help their country by going behind enemy lines in war time. Great cast, great story, great action, it may the best misfit/war movie of all time, well, except for Stripes. At 6 PM EST we have Cary Grant in The Bishop’s Wife. I have not seen this movie, but I can guarantee you that if Cary Grant is in it, it will be great. No better leading man than Cary Grant.

There are a few choices you could check out this weekend. If you have TCM keep your eyes glued to the guide because there will be a lot of great classic movies to be seen this month. Broaden your horizons, don’t go to the theater to see some crap, stay home and see great movies all month long on TCM.

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