Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Mole: a mission of destruction, part 1

In true caddyshack form, I found myself in my yard asking the question: where the hell did these tunnels come from? It was really rather rhetorical because I knew that we had a mole problem. I have been scheming for the past couple of weeks as to how to kill the little b$*^/*-, tonight I initiated phase one. I found a couple of openings into the tunnel, and made a few, shoved the water hose in full blast. I watched for movement ready to kill the mole with my bare hands or at least with a yard tool. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve, but not to worry, the TNT is on order. I already have the clay shaped into animals to hold it.


Piccu said...

How many psychiatrists does it take to kill a mole?

Don't blow yourself up or stab your yourself or anything like that. I can only imagine what you have up your sleeve.

BRATCH said...

I'm not sure how crazy winter is in SC, but unless you are seeing new tunnels, I doubt the moles will be in a killing position until spring.

But I could be wrong. We had dogs to take care of our mole problems.

Travis said...

Do you have a Rent-A-Cat store in your neighborhood?

my_merlin77 said...

All excellent points. THe mole(s) are making new tunnels. I'll keep you posted as phase two unfolds.

BRATCH said...

Get some of those old rusty mole killing traps. You know the kind that you stick in the ground over a tunnel and when it's tripped it plunges spikes into the ground.

It's awesome, although I've never really known them to work all that well. It's basically just a torture device from the dark ages.