Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Where have all the good bees gone?

The bees of the world are disappearing. Have you heard about this? I have heard this for a few months but I was hearing it on a radio show that’s main discussions are about government conspiracies and UFO-ology. That is the study of UFOs, genius. So I never gave this story too much credence and I had a rather unpleasant run in with a few bees a couple years ago so I was actually happy some were getting what they deserve. Now it has hit Yahoo and I saw two stories today, this one and this one, and it got me to thinking, maybe the bees are really disappearing.

Coast to Coast AM, the radio show I was referring to earlier, makes it seem that the bees are disappearing in ome sort of nefarious plot, but scientists aren’t sure exactly what is going on. They do think is might be a virus causing this but haven’t ruled anything out. Who cares you might ask. I might ask that too until I find out we need bees for pollinating all the flowering crops, which means no bees no apples, nuts, broccoli, squash and any other flowering crop you can think of. Not to mention bye bye honey.

Read these two articles and see what you think. I like broccoli and apples otherwise I would say screw them. As for what is happening, I blame George Bush and global warming. I would have to say that for any problem in this world I would have a better than 75% chance of being correct with those two answers than anything else.


Cort said...


Add "liberal media" to W and global warming, and you can bump that up to 93.4%.

Piccu said...

I'll do that and if we add the inability for more people to be able to carry concealed weapons then we can bump the percentage up to 96.7%.