Friday, May 11, 2007

Ky. Attorney General Stumbo vs. Marathon Oil

Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Greg Stumbo is filing charges against Marathon Oil for price gouging after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Ordinarily I would look at that two year lapse with a yawn and go about my merry business. But this is so transparent it's insane. Stumbo said the case is finally ready. So I suppose it's mere coincidence that he's "standing up for Kentuckians" in a year that just happens to be an election year. In an election year in which he just happens to be running for Lieutenant Governor.

Give me a break. It reminds me of a story my dad telling me. It used to be, he says, that the only time the road that my grandfather lived on ever got any paving was in election years. He says that every summer when so-and-so was running for magistrate or something that you would see the graders leveling and the gravel trucks dumping loads of new gravel.

Politics is probably the single most disgusting profession in our country. I'd trust a strip club owner before I'd trust a politician and it's because of things like this. These public servants are only interested in serving themselves and landing a cushy paycheck for doing nothing.

The only two times I heard (Democrat) Greg Stumbo's name in my life were when (Republican) governor Ernie Fletcher was elected and put all of his buddies into the government jobs. That's common practice and the democratic governors of Kentucky had done it for 42 years. But when the Republican governor did it (which it's only a misdemeanor) Stumbo actually launched a full investigation complete with a grand jury. For a misdemeanor!!

Now this. This to me is not a party issue. This is just a case of a career politician playing classic political games. Safe to say Greg Stumbo won't get my vote. If I can find one, I'll vote for someong who's NOT a classic politician. I want a guy/girl who's just "folks." I'm tired of political garbage.

P.S. I'll spare you my diatribe on the U.S. House passing yet ANOTHER war funding bill that they KNOW BEFORE HAND that the president is going to veto. But suffice to say, it's stupid at a level I can't even comprehend.

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BRATCH said...

My question is why is he singling out Marathon? I've gotten gas from at least a half dozen different places with different oil companies supplying the gas and it stung the ol' bung hole each time.

What did Marathon do that the other places didn't?

If it wasn't for election years nothing would ever get done. And if you live in the OC the best you can hope for is that your road features many voters so it will get paved.