Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol: The Terminal Two

Well, it is finally over. It’s almost over, we still have to go through the boring, bloated, too too long finale, but for all intents and purposes it is over. Another AI down and as far as I am concerned the worst AI ever. This season was so boring, talent wise. There were no stars on the show. There was no one with any real charisma and there were never any goose bump moments for me. This season will not be remembered for any of the singers who get record deals because none of them will be relevant in a year’s time. This season will be remembered for Antonella being naked and Sanjaya being a weirdo. With all that out of the way, let’s get it on.

Tonight we have Blake vs. Jordin and they will sing three songs, one they have already sung (I hate reruns), one they have never sung (oooh, you are too good to us AI), and the One Shining Moment type song that will suck but this year it sucks because amateurs wrote it.

Blake wins a coin flip and decides to go first apparently. Why would you want the whole world’s last image to be of Jordin singing the crap out of a sappy “look at me now ma” type song? He lost this thing from the first segment of the show. That is assuming he even wants to win it. Blake brings back that old Blake classic, You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi. I hate reruns. What seemed cool and refreshing when he did this a few weeks ago now seems desperate. In the beginning he sounds like a bad Michael Winslow. It’s a good move to pick this song considering it was the only one in which he actually did well with, but this time it doesn’t work for me. It was just aight for me, dog. I also agree with Simon, Blake probably is a better performer than Jordin, but this is in theory a singing competition and Jordin has plenty of time to become a good performer.

Jordin is next singing a song she has never sung before, Fighter by Christina Aguilera. This could be trouble because even though I can’t stand Xtina, she is a great singer and people love her work. I found it hard to hear her over the band, which has happened many times this season. It was a tough song but I think she did well, she had a great finish and unlike Blake, she can actually sing. She looked worn out after that. I agree she was kind of shrieky in parts, but it was a rock type song, so it's okay. I did not like it when Simon said round 1 to Blake and the crowd went wild. That scares me.

Blake is back singing Moron 5’s She Will Be Loved. Why in the name of Barry Gibb is he singing a song that requires some falsetto? Blake sounds terrible reaching for that “Will.” The rest of the song just sounds as bland as every other song he sings. His voice really is mediocre. He was dreadful. He couldn’t handle this song. By the way, beat boxing is not this great amzi-zi-zing talent. Everyone can beat box. Only 10% of the population like beat boxing otherwise every song would have beat boxing in it. Shove it with the beat boxing.

By the by, it’s good to see that CTU Agent Mike Doyle is okay after the bomb exploded into his face.

Jordin is back singing A Broken Wing by Martina McBride (I think) and this is a rerun. I like it alright, but I think I prefer the first version. This still seems desperate to me, but she actually sang it well. She has a huge, huge voice. She may be the best singer after all. I love how the AI producers have decided to let the viewers have some information about the singers on the show before the final show.

Blake returns, Lord help us, and he is singing the winning I made it Ma, I made it song called This Is My Now. This Is My Nightmare, does anyone actually sing songs like this anymore? I guess they do in country music. If I am being honest about it, I actually thought he sang this well. It seemed like he was trying. I thought he did pretty well, for him. Unfortunately for him, Jordin will blow his a$$ out of the water with this kind of song. His dancing though, reminded me of Carlton from the Fresh Prince. Who said he was a good dancer? I also hate his fashion style, from the waist up a prep, from the waist down a hobo.

Jordin is here and she is going to sing Mom, Your Little Girl Has Made It or something like that. I think I called this; she blew Blake out of the water. This song is tailor made for her and I think she could have a hit with it. I thought she sounded very Kelly Clarkson like on this song. This could be the 2008 prom theme in high schools all over America. Wait a minute…she’s crying!!! Great Odin’s raven, she’s crying!!! It’s over!!!! Sorry Blake, but she sang her butt off and blew you away and then to rub it in she busts out the tears. It. Is. Over. This was almost, almost I say, a goose bump moment. You know that if the Hoff isn’t drunk and eating a sandwich, he is bawling his eyes out right now.

WTF!?! Constantine Maroulis is a ghost that cannot be exorcised from the AI studio. Move on dude, it is not good pub to be seen every week on this show, it is just sad.

So, it all comes down to this, based on pure singing talent, Blake doesn’t have a shot in hell, but this is AI, a popularity contest masquerading as a singing competition. There should be no way Blake wins, but a lot of girls will vote for him. Here is how I think it will shake out, I have been calling for Jordin for about 7 or 8 weeks now and I think that with Melinda gone, that her votes will now go to Jordin. I can see no reason that 67 year old Melinda’s votes would go to the beat boxing goofball over a true talented singer like Jordin. I think that will be the difference, but the teeny boppers could risk carpal tunnel to get Blake the win so it wouldn’t surprise me to see it, but he sucks so bad and I think he knows it and I think he would be fine with runner up. I see no one in this season becoming Carrie Underall or Daughtry. Hell, I don’t even see a Clay or Fantasia in this group. By this time next year, we will have forgotten all about these boring people and moved on to new boring people in season 7. Thank all that is holy it is over.

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