Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sea Shepherd Conservation Says 85% of People Need to Go

Nuts amuse me. They really do. And my favorite nuts are conservation nuts. People who so love the earth and it's resources that they'd like to see all people leave the earth so the earth could be in peace.

The latest of these nutty things to come from the extreme conservation groups is from the Sea Shepherd Conservation group. They say that 6.5 Billion people on the earth is too many. That may be subject to debate. But the kicker is they think the ideal number is less than 1 Billion. That's about 15% of what the world's population is now and represents a level not seen since the early 1800s.

So if you're depressed, go ahead and do the earth a favor. We've got to start thinning the heard somewhere. (I'm not at all serious.)

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BRATCH said...

If they really loved the Earth the statement they released would have be a suicide note and they would lead by example.