Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mmmm...Nestle's Strawberry Meth...drool.

Have you seen this story? Apparently the producers/marketers of meth have come up with a plan to make meth more palatable to new users. Recently authorities in Arkansas have been finding packages of strawberry Quick during meth busts. It appears that meth producers are using candy, soft drinks and other sweet materials to cut their meth with because not only is meth made of crap you would never want to ingest, it also has a harsh chemical taste that doesn't help ingestion. So, I can only imagine snorting meth is much like snorting Drain-O. Smart people these meth mouths. Authorities call this kind of meth “designer meth.” This new meth makes the drug easier to ingest for first time users and we all know it is important to make a good first impression.

Law enforcement officials in Nevada have said that Quick is the main ingredient to try and take the edge of the meth in Nevada and a few other states, but that it is not a nationwide trend. Well, at least not yet. If illegal drug manufacturers would put their smarts and effort into legal ventures they wouldn’t have to be worrying about the cops or a big vat of strawberry meth blowing up in their face. Stupid people really frustrate me.

I do have to say, up until this point I have no desire to try meth, but I might fancy a snoot of new Nestle’s Strawberry Quick Meth. I wonder if you could just mix some Nestle’s Meth into a glass of milk and get all your essential vitamins and minerals and a super high.

If there are any meth producers reading this, first, you’re insane and second, could you look into cutting your meth with Fruit Loops. You could crush them up and throw them in the mix. What’s the big deal? Isn’t that what a pot of meth is? Anything you can find that may kill you, but you just aren’t sure about, you throw into a pot and mix it with battery acid and dry it up. You can correct me if I’m wrong about the process, but if you do what does that say about you?

Enough meth talk. If you know a meth mouth, I would appreciate it if you would ask them how the Nestle Meth tastes compared to original recipe meth. And some wonder why we are going to hell in a hand bag.


BRATCH said...

They are just following the cigarette companies. Their heros.

Ever wonder why fruit flavored tobacco jumped onto the scene all of the sudden?

People are quitting so tobacco needed to taste better because "looking cool" isn't a good enough reason to kill yourself. You must look cool and now it must taste fruity.

Piccu said...

Some smokers looked cool and fruity.

Listen Big Tobacco, we can buy a car that will parallel park itself but you can't come up with a cigarette that won't kill you or make you smell like a dirty ash tray? I would like to be able to look cool and smoke a lot of cigarettes, but coughing up a lung does not appeal to me.