Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Elijah Dukes is in the frontrunner for D-Bag of the Year.

I am really starting to hate professional athletes. You can’t go two days without some dumba** pro athlete getting arrested for something stupid that they shouldn’t be doing for any reason. Michael Vick is in trouble over dog fighting. Dog fighting? What reason could he possibly have to allegedly be involved in dog fighting? He is an idiot and he deserves to have his big $100 million contract voided. He will only bring heartache and headaches to Atlanta.

The Cincinnati Bengals, my team, is basically a team of felons. I know they have been playing great on the field lately, but when they are known more for having the most arrests off the field in the NFL instead of winning games on the field, you have to start letting knuckleheads go. We have the Pacman who appears to be a straight out punk b!@#h who likes roughing up women. This guy deserves to never play again. As I have said in the past, I rarely wish anyone ill, but if the universe were to totally turn against this man and crush him, I wouldn’t feel too sorry for him.

Now we have a new entrant in the worst pro athlete in the world. Elijah Dukes plays for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and is supposedly a can’t miss prospect. Well, can’t miss except for the fact he is a malcontent that has been causing problems for the Devil Rays since they drafted him. This d-bag is apparently going through a divorce and things must not be going his way because he left a voice message for his wife saying,” "You dead, dawg. I ain't even bulls-------. Your kids, too." If you think he isn’t serious, he also allegedly emailed her a photo of a gun. Dukes also burst into his wife’s classroom where she teaches middle school causing her to run in fear to find someone to help her. This guy is the kind of d-bag that burns me up the most. A guy who would threaten a woman and her kids is not a man. I hope this little boy is dealt with to the fullest extent of the law and I hope he is banished from playing major league ball and ends up destitute on the street somewhere. Anything ill that happens to this man will not be undeserved.

I like what the NFL has done with its zero tolerance policy and am encouraged by the actions taken against those idiots who have run afoul of the law. I would really like to see all leagues’ take this position. Baseball is not as bad as the NFL, what league is, but it could nip things like this in the bud if they come with a policy like the NFL’s at the next collective bargaining session. I think they should make sure that the few spoiled thugs don’t ruin sports.

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