Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 19 is finally in the air!!!!

After we sobered up we realized we had a podcast to do, so it was a little late this week.
This week the Gunrunners discuss soiled soy sauce, the Lost finale, the Hereoes Finale, their favorite show of the year, more Guitar Hero news, and a bunch of stuff I can't remember. Maybe it was because I was drunk during the recording.

We also give you some classic 80's rock with Faster Pussycat's Bathroom Wall. Julie hates this part of the show and if you do to, let us know.

Anyway, download this episode, it's a big one, listen to it in shifts, and get everyone you know to download it as well. Email us your favorite shows of this year and whatever else you want to hit us with at or go to or leave us a message on our myspace page. Snort it!!!!!

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