Thursday, May 03, 2007

EW and Heroes unite!!! Get your geek on.

Here’s one for all the geeks like me. If you are a fan of Heroes, and if you are a geek then you must be, then you might be interested in this. This coming week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly will contain a cover story on the Heroes final episodes and EW has five different Heroes covers for the issue. You can get all five from EW for $10, but who wants five of the same magazine?

Well, supergeeks may want it because according to the covers are full of “references and teasers” for the final episodes. I am a subscriber and will get at least one cover no matter what, but I will not be going for the five pack. So, if you are like me and you aren’t going to shell out 10 for 5 then click this link right here. It will take you to and you will be able to examine all the covers to your heart’s content. Enjoy!!!!

Oh, and if you figure anything out, leave a comment. Let’s see who geeky you really are.

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