Saturday, March 25, 2006

Semifamous people I know

In the last few days I have encountered a couple of friends who have made it into the national news.

First off is Trent McBride, who posts on here occasionally. So apparently he has made it into the AP for a blog post he made on the site Catallaharchy, concerning a statement that no one can gain fifteen pounds of lean muscle in 100 days. It is from the book Game of Shadows. In this book the argument that Barry Bonds is on steroids is basically contended, but as Trent points out it is far to broad to assume that no one can gain that weight clean. I think everyone admits that Bonds was probably running some juice though. Anyway they have picked this up in the AP and smeared it across papers from lexington to evansville to the LA times. Just click the link and check it out.

The second friend that has made it to "national" news this week is my future cousin-in-law Steven Tolleson who just recently got called up to the majors from his farm team on the Minnesota Twins. He played very well for three years at University of South Carolina. The way he found out, he walked into his locker room and his jersey was missing. He asked where it was and the person who was putting them out told him it was over in the Twins locker room. I'm sure after he cleaned the crap out of his pants, he took his first stroll into the major league locker room. He got to play four innings; it's a good start to his first full year into the majors.

Now, Piccu would get off his butt and enter that contest on VH1 he might end up rich and famous.


Piccu said...

Well, I think that I am going to enter the contest. Whether I do as good as I think I can who knows. And if I make the cut, I still may not go. We will see. Wednesday, March 29 and 6PM I could meet my destiny.

my_merlin77 said...

If possible, I'll go with you, but this could be the beginning of a lucrative career as a celebrity judge on game shows and mtv spring break contests.