Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fun with the phone book.

I work for the county 911 system and part of the job is taking a snapshot of all the phone numbers in the Bellsouth database and checking those with the names and numbers we have in our 911 database. It is mostly boring data entry but something that has to be done to help 911 personnel find the correct address for an emergency. As I was going through the list of names and numbers, I found a listing that was so strange, I don’t know if it is a name or a business or what it is.

This guy, I’m assuming it is a guy, is listed by Bellsouth simply as Taterbug. I repeat, as far as Bellsouth knows, this guy is named Taterbug. He lives in Centertown. I do not know Centertown as well as some places so perhaps this is a business of some sort. What service would Taterbug supply? Is he an exterminator? Does it sell potato type products? Who knows? If it is not a business, did Taterbug officially change his name to Taterbug? How bad must his name have been to want to change it to Taterbug?

I have just now run across another weird one. This guy lives in Cromwell and I personally know him. I did not know that his nickname was used in the listing in Bellsouth. His nickname is Cowboy and for as long as I knew him, he was always called Cowboy. He apparently called Bellsouth and made sure that they referred to him as Cowboy in his phone listing. Perhaps he legally changed his name to Cowboy. Maybe he and Taterbug hang out together. It’s just another day in the OC.

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my_merlin77 said...

We're comin' at the end of May, and I'm lookin' it up. This is awesome. I think you need to get Rodney to put big suck in the phone book.