Friday, March 31, 2006

Barry Bonds is talking suicide again.

I haven’t said much about the latest steroid imbroglio because I have already done a few columns on it. I still do not plan to say too much about it this week because my column will probably be about the Reds game. I do, however, wonder about Barry Bonds’ mental health. He was asked about the investigation that baseball was undertaking and commented about jumping off the Empire State Building on to his face, again.

He has now twice mentioned that he is going to go to the top of the Empire State Building and jump off. Could the come down off steroids (if he is indeed off steroids) be causing this?

I personally do not feel this way. I think Bonds is trying a last ditch effort to acquire some sympathy for his situation. A situation he has placed himself in, mind you. However, isn’t there evidence of steroid abuse leading to depression and even suicide? Perhaps Merlin could shed a little more light on this. I just find it kind of morbid that Bonds is talking openly of suicide. He sounds depressed to me. Why wouldn’t he be? Everything he has worked for and accomplished will have a stain for the rest of time.

Aren’t we all taught to keep an “ear” out for this kind of talk? We all may wake up one day find that he wasn’t joking.


Orelinde_03 said...

I am not very educated on the side effects of steroids, other than the most common ones. However I had many friends who had used the 'roids, and they also used other drugs.

Due to the recreational drugs they took, they were very moody. I guess worse than a chick w/ p.m.s.

However as for Barry commenting on wanting to become a jumper, I think he is looking for sympathy. I do not think that the press should keep publishing his comments about wanting to off himself.

No matter what you're going to have fans and small children following this whole thing, and you don't want to plant any fears or ideas in their heads.

know what I mean jellybean?

my_merlin77 said...

Very interesting you mention the coming off steroids and depression. There are some studies that show depression/suicide in some older men with some decreased testosterone synthesis. This could be natural or due to disease states. Coincidentally (or maybe not) older men are the most likely group of people to commit suicide.

To apply this to Bonds, your body stops making it's own steroids when you start injecting them. So when you quit; it is alow steroid level.

Who knows for sure if the steroids have to do with this, but I bet his testicles are smaller than they started out.

Piccu said...

It always comes back to the testicles with you psychiatrists.