Monday, March 20, 2006

Jerry Jones Makes it Easy

Do Dallas Cowboy fans have standards? Of course we do. They pretty much begin and end with, "Don't sign Terrell Owens." Thank you Jerry Jones for making it easy for me to stop being a Dallas Cowboys fan.

In Jones time as owner of the Cowboys he has:
-fired beloved coach Tom Landry
-fired beloved coach Jimmy Johnson
-hired beloathed (made that word up) coach Barry Switzer
-hired failure coach Chan Gailey
-allowed Emmitt Smith to retire as an Arizona Cardinal
-took over GM duties and ruined structure Johnson left behind
-hired bloated blow-hard and gloryhound Bill Parcells
-signed Keyshawn Johnson
-signed Terrell Owens
-allowed guys like Nate Newton and Leon Lett sully the name of the Cowboys, a name that was none too clean to start with.

I have endured most of these things as a fan of the 'Boys. I've been waiting and waiting for Jones to sell the team or die in a freak plastic surgery accident (sorry, that's not really true.) But instead I was dealt this blow.

Signing the guy who is responsible for the most selfish display of showboating in Texas Stadium history and basically whizzed on the giant mid-field star is insane. Giving him $25 million should get you institutionalized or shot. (in Texas, it's always "shot.")

So now it's easy for me to "divorce" the Cowboys. What little love I paid them in the last five years is now gone. I'll throw away my Dallas merchandise when I get home today. I should have this weekend, but I was giving myself the weekend to "get over it." Well I'm not getting over it. This is it. I'll now devote myself to my new team, the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Piccu said...

Welcome aboard our bandwagon. We could always use more fans. I must warn you that you may be spoiled by things such as winning and having great players as a Dallas fan. There are very few of those things in Cincinnati, but we try our best.

I understand how you feel, TO should have to sit out a few years as punishment for his idiotic behavoir, but most Cowboy fans will cheer him the first time he scores and then runs to the star and does his little look at me move.

Jerry Jones has done some crazy things, but he has won. Most fans in this day an age don't care about anything but winning and they don't care how they do it most times.