Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rosie To Host Price is Right?!?!?

That almost sounds like a bad joke. I seriously can't believe that people continue to pander to this hate spewing, lie filled, GLAAD member.

Look, I don't care if she's a lesbian, though I could do without her waving like a flag all the time. I don't even care that she's a liberal whacko. It's more that she's a hate spewing venomous liar who cut and ran when little Elizabeth Hassellbeck didn't take up for her.

She's a coward. She, like a lot of whackos, loves to introduce wild stories and theories that have little or no basis in fact. Then when she's confronted, like she was on the View by Elizabeth, she gets angry and quits.

I don't particularly like Hassellbeck. To me she's too extreme right and seems to swallow anything the Bush administration spoons out to her. She's naive and that makes her a poor debater. She's not objective.

But back to Rosie. Rosie had the audacity to call our soldiers terrorists. (No, she never exactly said those words. What she did do was ask Hassellbeck who the real terrorists were. So she strongly implied it was us.) She then said she believed 9/11 was an inside job. Basically saying because fire can't melt metal (which if you've kept up with the Charleston, SC tragedy, you know is NOT can and does melt metal.)

That type of garbage is insane and unacceptable. But instead of being laughed out of the room, she's given opportunity after opportunity. I can only assume that the intense hatred of George W. Bush by the extreme left has made this type of language acceptable and appreciated.

I say to the Price is Right, go for it. Sign her. Put her on stage. Because without the icon Bob Barker, that show is going to hit the skids anyway and this will only hasten its decline and rid CBS of a dying product.

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