Thursday, June 21, 2007

Is a change coming in music?

I stumbled across this on and it is an essay about how this hot new crop of rock called emo may be the new hair metal. As in there are so many bands who sound exactly the same and who suck as bad as the next. It also poses the question, is something going to come along and destroy the genre just like Nirvana did when they came along in the early to mid 90's and killed hair metal?

I am a music geek as some of you know and I find this piece very interesting, though I don't believe it is necessarily true. For emo to be the next hair metal, the music industry needs a band or genre to emerge and kill it. I am not sure that is going to happen. I thought this exact same thing would happen to hip hop because anybody can put out a record and have a hit and then disappear. It wasn't too long ago that a hip hop album debuted at number one and had a good run but you never heard anything else form that artist after that. In the late 80's/early 90's the same could be said for hair metal. Unfortunately for hip hop, nothing came along to destroy it and we still have the same old crap coming out of our speakers. I can only listen to how great you think you are for so long. Let me guess, MC Bland, you like b*^%#s and h@# and you're a pimp. No kidding? Next thing you going to tell me is you're a hustler who still has love for the streets.

The only thing that would lead me to believe that this scene will go away on its own is the fact that most fans of this genre are teenage kids (although I must admit I do love My Chemical Romance and AFI). Unfortunately for bands with young fans, their fans grow up and usually move on. Ask any of the former boy band members, who aren't Justin Timberlake, how things have been going for the last 3 or 4 years. Emo groups could be the boy bands of this time and when their fans grow up, go to college and discover great music it could be over. I hope this is true because I don't have faith in a great new band or genre coming down the pike to save rock.

Whatever happens, if you are a music fan I think you will enjoy "Is Emo-Punk Just Hair Metal's Second Coming?" And there is plenty of good music out there if you look for it and aren't afraid to broaden your horizons.

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