Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 23 is in the air!!!

This edition is a special 4th of July edition where the Gunrunners open the vault and tell all regarding their firework attacks and accidents. It is to not be missed and we do not recommend you try any of this at home.

We also discuss a local bank robbery, some Heroes news, Deadliest Catch, and we have movie reviews. In the music section Lee lets you know how great the new White Stripes CD is and the Gunrunners return their 80's music retrospective with a song even Julie loved. And Julie hates music.

We also have a special guest this week as Kaylie's dad, Jeremy, comes on the show and helps us spill the beans on our quasi-criminal past involving fireworks. He also gives us a few tasteless jokes, be warned.

If you want to email us and tell us how much you hate us or how shocked you are at our behavior, you can reach us at bombaygunrunners@gmail.com or bombaygunrunners.com OR on our myspace page.

Snort on!!!!!!

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