Friday, June 01, 2007

Finally, definitive Nessie video, maybe.

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Aliens? Ghosts? Then this little piece is for you. There is brand new video of the Loch Ness Monster. It was shot this past Saturday and the footage is described by some as the “best footage they’ve seen.” I’m convinced, well, not really. You can click the link and it takes you to the article that talks about the mythical Nessie and on the left you can click and get a news piece with the Nessie video sprinkled throughout. I must say that you can see that there is something in the water and it looks big, but is it a sea monster? Who knows? I must say that the video is much clearer in a smaller viewer than full screen, but I watched in both sizes.

Watch the video and tell me what you think. What mythical creatures do you believe in, Bigfoot, ghosts, aliens, Nessie? Leave your comments or email me at and maybe we will discuss it on this week’s show.

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