Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Calling Dr. My_Merlin

I don't know if anyone not addicted to pop culture and old movies still reads this site, but in case they do, this is for My_Merlin, resident psychological expert.

I keep having dreams where I die. Not just any dreams, but very detailed and "real feeling" dreams.

I had one where I was shot accidentally under the jaw. Upon being shot I was immediately paralyzed and wrecked my car. As I laid there unable to move I knew I was dying and I begged God to let me live because I didn't want to leave my wife and son. I woke up as I died.

The most recent one was last night. In this was one I was near a car that was bombed by a low flying plane. I ran away, but the fire caught up to me. Not the blast, just the fire. Again, like in the other dream, I begged God to spare my life.

Needless to say, this stuff is freaking me out. I think I was probably talking out loud last night when I was begging God because I woke up with my mouth feeling very dry as if I'd been talking. Any ideas?


Orelinde_03 said...

I don't believe in the theory that 'if you die in a dream, you really die'. So don't worry about that.

I think that maybe you're consumed with wanting to live for your childs sake (to see him grow), and that your sleep is is reflecting this in reverse.

It can also be that you're reading or watching stuff that is too vivid right before you go to sleep, and it is playing out in your dreams? Think about it: Sopranos, news, etc.

Try a warm glass of milk, or even a cup of chamomile tea befor hitting the sack to relax you.

Travis said...

I don't recall what I watched on TV each night, but I don't have HBO. The local news in Bowling Green, KY isn't frightening (except for how completely boring it is). And the other night I had watched the NBA finals before going to bed. So I've already crossed that off my list of reasons.

I do think some of it has to do with insecurity. I've always been an insecure person in my relationships for years. Having a cheating fiancee didn't help that. And so I think there's an underlying apprehension there concerning my wife and son, through no fault of theirs.

I'm also leaning toward the concept of life changes. I don't know exactly what changes I'm anticipating, but I think that concept has some merit to it.

Thanks for the thoughts!

Piccu said...

I think the NBA is the most frightening thing on tv right now.

Sometimes you dream scary stuff and sometimes it is nothing and that could be the case here.

Because the Dr. is busy (or just ignoring everybody) and sometimes breaks off all communication, I have emailed him through myspace to take a look at your post. I think all of us would be interested in what he had to say because we have all had crazy death dreams.

Orelinde_03 said...

The death that you're fearing in your dreams can also be that of your OLD self. You do not want to lose site of who you are, or your past ways.

Being that your a father and husband, your life has changed...and is changing as time goes by.

Perhaps that is weighing on your mind as well, all the changes?

my_merlin77 said...

My first disclaimer is that certain things in dreams don't automatically represent something else. I guess it is possible, but it seems like that's not the case for you.

There is no concrete answer, but I think that it is interesting the way you describe the dreams. Especially that you are not really focused on the dying as much as the begging to not leave your family. I think that is the most important part of what you are saying.

The question is did something happen to someone you no. Maybe did someone die or have a close call or something like that.

Clearly, you are very worried that your family would be unable to go on without you. Though that would be a HUGE loss, your family would be supported by many people I'm sure.

A final thought, which coincidentally I brought up to Lee, the dreams also imply that you are completely not in control. What's up with that?

Travis said...

There was the murder of my cousin last month, but my first dream was before that happened.

As far as me not being completely in control, is anyone? But that's just life. There's certainly no feeling of me being out of control in my family.

The feeling that my family wouldn't be able to go on might be there in my subconscience. There are good reasons for that, but I wouldn't throw them out on the blog.

Thanks for checking up on me Doc. If I have another I'll post about it.

Piccu said...

And now the doctor will disappear for 3 weeks. He is like a circuit rider doctor. He travels through this area every three or four weeks.

I think HE has issues with control. I thought all dreams were about sex and peni (the plural form of penis). Now it seems they are all about control.