Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Man Kills Bobcat with Bare HANDS!

This, by golly, is what being a man is all about. If you're attacked by a bobcat, kill it. If you feel threatened by a bobcat, kill it. If it bites and scratches, kill it. Kill it, kill it, KILL IT!

This guy was moving some trash cans at his house when he found a bobcat. The bobcat growled and leaped at him. So what did he do? He killed it.

I love this story because I was just telling my wife yesterday that I loved eating chicken wings because ripping flesh from bone with my teeth was manly. This guy is in my unofficial Manly Men of Mankind club.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go belch, scratch myself, spit, and build a barn.


Piccu said...

So this guy kills a ferocious wild animal with his bare hands and you compare that to you eating chicken wings?

Are YOU even in your own unofficial Manly Men of Mankind club?

Although I must say, when I ate a hot dog the other day and felt the flesh tear away from the bun, I was invigorated.

Travis said...

I'm the founding freaking father of the Manly Men of Mankind club. You question me and I'll kill ya'.

I'm a man that invented fire (and the internet!) and built the Eiffel Tower of metal and braun. That's what kind of man I am.

Piccu said...

I'm an ANCHORMAN!!!!!!