Thursday, June 21, 2007

Prepare yourselves, it's your Guitar Hero update of the week.

In the world of Guitar Hero there is no song news this week, unless videos of songs from Guitar Hero 3 count. This link takes you to and it has vids of songs and an interview with the creators of Guitar Hero 3. Some exciting news from the interview is that one of those interviewed said that it is getting really easy to acquire the songs they want. I hope this means Led Zep, Metallica, AC/DC, and Tool. Those bands would be awesome.

In other Guitar Hero 3 news we have our first look at the wireless controller for the XBox. The controller is a Gibson Les Paul and here is a pic. Here is a story on the new controller from An interesting note that comes out of this story is that the neck of the new controller can be removed and the creators neither confirmed nor denied the possibility that a double neck add on would be a part of our future. The face plate is also removable and there will be different faceplates available upon release. It looks pretty damn cool.

We also got our first look at the Rock Band guitar controller this week. Feast your eyes. It is a black Fender Stratocaster and it looks like Hendrix's Black Beauty. The main difference with this controller compared to the Guitar Hero controllers, besides the fact they are different brands, the Rock Band controller has fret buttons at the top of the neck and also at the bottom of the neck near the body. This should make for some fancy guitar heroics as you go from playing the main riff up top to sliding down to solo. I'm a geek.

Check all that crap out and get ready to rock on at the end of the year.

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