Thursday, June 14, 2007

Guitar Hero news and vids for all the geeks.

I am a geek, plain and simple. Here is how geeky I am, as well as Bratch. Last night we went to Big Kev's for one reason and one reason only and that was to play Guitar Hero. We all had to get up this moring and come to work, some earlier than others and we still played until after midnight. We are geeks.

For the other geeks out there, I came across this great video that gives us our first taste of the latest edition in the Guitar Hero Series, Rocks the 80's. It is video of many songs on the title. You get your first listen to what the songs will sound like and your first viewing of how hard they will be. It seems that every song was played on the expert level and most of them seem to be easier than GH2's lineup. Well, except for Extreme's Play with Me which looks like a ball buster. I will also have some trouble with Iron Maiden's Wrathchild. So click here for the link to GameSpy's coverage of GH: Rocks the 80's.

For those of you who are supergeeks, like myself, here are a couple of videos of a kid playing songs on GH2 and one on GH: Original Sin on expert level and getting five star ratings. He makes me sick.

I really hate this kid in this vid. He plays Psychobilly Freakout and taunts me as he turns his back to the screen to play a part that kills me if I even got off rhythm by a hair. By the by, this vid has been viewed over 1.7 million times. Screw him!

Here's video of the same kid playing Carry Me Home by The Living End. A song that took me days to finally be able to play on the hard level. This little weasel is, of course, playing it on expert level. Bratch should really appreciate this considering this is the song currently impeding his progress through the expert level. Sleepsack!

Here's the little varmint playing a 5 star version of Bark at the Moon on expert, a song that currently is one of two on the original Guitar Hero that laughs at my incompetence on the expert level, the other being Cowboys from Hell by Pantera. What a revolting display!

And finally the same kid playing a 5 star version of Freebird on the expert level. This is the video that humilates me the most because I know there is no way I will ever in a thousand years be this good. I can only hope this kid is so geeky that he is tormented and bullied every day he attends school.

Snort it!

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