Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 22 is in the air!!!!

This week is a supersize edition packed with all kinds of good crap, and I do mean crap.

The Gunrunners discuss Dustin's lead foot, The Sopranos, Julie loves The Starter Wife, we also have Lost news, and V Mars R.I.P. for real this time. Julie reviews three movies (The Queen, Music and Lyrics, and Because I Said So), while Lee reviews four (The Kentuckian, Chisum, The War Wagon, and Apocalypto).

Dustin and Lee then describe their Tool concert. It was a spectacle!

We also discuss People magazine's hottest bachelors, cucumber Pepsi, and killer squirrels.

Then we move on to email and we read the most disgusting, yet, hilarious email to date for the BGRs. Those with a weak stomach may not want to apply. This podcast is NASTY!!!!!!!

By the by, Jasper, the Gunrunners are going to devote an episode to our 4th of July adventures over the years (the 4th of July is like second Christmas for the BGRs) and we would like to hear your tales as well. In fact, Dr. Jesse has already provided us with one of his, so don't be left out. Tell us what went wrong, number of injuries or deaths, or just tell us how stupid you or someone you know was.

So email us at or you can contact us at our myspace page. As always you can find the show at or on iTunes.

Snort it!!!!!!!

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