Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Does This Contract Come With Therapy?

A Michigan mom (41) decided to draw up a contract for her boyfriend (37) to have sex with her daughter (15!) while the mother was recuperating from abdominal surgery. Why? Because the mother thought that her sex staved pedophiliac scuzz of a boyfriend would leave her if he didn't have sex with her while she was healing for two months.

The internet doesn't have the bandwith for me to tear these freaks down the way I'd like to. But I'm going to scim the surface for a few points.

1. You are this girls mother. She trusts you for protection, love, care, and to put her above yourself. Instead you sold her like a household tool for this disgusting human being to systematically rape over a two month period because your selfishness superceded your love for your own daughter. You are quite possibly the lowest human being I've ever heard of.

2. The daughter signed the contract too. There's no telling how messed up this girl's head was already. But the fact that she didn't run screaming from this couple tells me she had issues and now those are going to become very much worse. I hope that contract came with a lifetime of free psychotherapy because this poor girls mind will never be right again.

3. The scuzzbucket pedophiliac boyfriend was convicted of sexual misconduct and sentenced to prison. Oh, and did I mention he was also convicted on two DIFFERENT counts of sexual misconduct with a TWELVE year old. The judge really screwed up here because he's serving the sentences for all counts at the same time. These should be consecutive sentences and this guy shouldn't get out of jail ever. If he ever did, he should be chemically castrated first.

4. Obviously all of these people are either stupid, disgusting, or disturbed or all three. But you're all obviously committing a very illegal act. So what do you do? You write up a contract and keep it. Talk about open and shut cases.

If I talk much more about this, I'll probably snap somebody's neck. Harming children should be completely unacceptable in this country. I would gladly advocate for mandatory life sentences in these incidents. Possibly even death penalties. There are serious implications to that, I realize. False accusations could result in innocent lives dying. There would obviously have to be ZERO doubt that they were guilty. But people like this simply don't deserve to live to hurt kids again. God help that man if he did anything to my child. And to think, this poor girl was served up by her own mother. Unbelievable.


Orelinde_03 said...

Without a doubt the mother, boyfriend are the lowest form of slime imaginable. I have no tolorance for any kind of abuse of children.

This poor young girl was probably either guilt-tripped or threatened in to signing the contract and will pay for this for the rest of her life. I so desperatly hope she gets the help she needs to have a good life.

The judge is the biggest assmunch I have ever heard. I can't believe how messed up the judicial system is. The only justice is that we all know what happens to child molesters in prison.

Travis said...

I think the thing is, no civilized person has any tolerance for this. If the will of the people is served then creeps like this get life sentences at least.

Lots of people don't like Bill O'Reilly. I think he's entertaining if not obnoxious. But give the man credit for this, he grills these judges and lawmakers that don't get tough with child protection laws. He'll call them out on his show and if they have the nerve to come on, he doesn't back down. He demands tougher child protection laws, commonly, Jessica's Law or variations of it.

I appreciate that he's doing that. More people should be willing to stand up and demand these types of legislation to protect kids in a growingly dark and perverse world. All sorts of perversions are accepted and applauded as diversity and tolerance. But we all have limits and this clearly has to be one.