Sunday, April 08, 2007

Two books for movie lovers

I recently had a birthday, and two of the gifts I received were books. One is called 1000 Films to change your life and the other is called The Rough Guide to Cult Movies. Both of these are great! They are at the very least bathroom books full of trivia. They have so many great recomendations to suit any occasion. I have checked out the Horror sections of each, to see if any will fit the bill for Halloween Movie Mania in October. I especially like the Cult Movie book as it has chapters about almost any thing you can imagine: psychiatrists, circus, gambling, film noir, kitsch, nazis, nuns... the list goes on and on.

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Piccu said...

Speaking of cult movies, you can watch at least one a week on TCM Underground on Friday nights. This week is a double feature of Coffy and Foxy Brown two of the best blaxploitation movies. I have seen them both and they are excellent. They are full of violence, drugs, and t & a, most importantly.

You can find a schedule for TCM Underground on Turner Classic's website.