Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Idol: The Sickie Six

This week American Idol gives back. Thanks, can we get our life back? No? Never mind. We are down to the bottom six and Sanjaya is gone so this could be anyone's ballgame. I, however, know who should and will win. Let's get it on.

Tonight's theme is songs of inspiration and compassion and crap like that there. Up first is Chris Timberlake with Change the World by Eric Clapton. Not my favorite Clapton song by a good sight but Chris comes out with his Justin suit on and gives the same performance he gives every week. He does the same head bopping, the same wincing faces, and gives the same song killing runs. If he would just sing and not worry about trying to run all over the place, he might be pretty good. It seems he is using his runs as a crutch, but what do I know. I hated this performance, but my dislike for this guy may have colored my ears and anything he sings will not be good, dog.

Now we have Melinda with There Will Come a Day and I thought she was great as usual. I think it was her best in weeks and she is definitely the best hands down singer on the show. The problem is, is Melinda an American Idol? Will she bring in the 18-34 crowd? I don't think so. I think she is more of a 35-55 crowd. No matter what, she is the best and the best tonight. Paula gave her some sort of Paula speak and I am wondering if there was a YouTube compilation of Paula's ramblings.

Blake is up singing Imagine by John Lennon. Oh no. Blake has turned from a hippity hopper to a ska/311 singer to now, a crooner. I don't like his voice, it is just sort of monotone and has no emotion and I thought he was boring and bland. Randy got on Blake for not doing anything with the song, but what can be done with this song? It is pretty much a piano ballad. If Blake popped it up he would have gotten killed. Blake made a mistake of picking a song that you can't win a singing competition with because it is so iconic. Blake did the best he could, but he should have chosen a better song for his style.

LaKisha is next with a Fantasia song called I Believe. When I first heard this was a Fantasia song I thought that this would be the performance of the night. I was wrong. I thought she was pretty good but she didn't blow me away like I thought she would. She seems to have slipped the last few weeks. I also think she is in the Melinda category in that she is not an American Idol and won't nail the 18-34 demo. I think LaKisha could make a fine living as a gospel singer, but not a pop star. Although she would be closer than Melinda. LaKisha could be in trouble tonight.

Phil or as some have been referring to him, Nosferatu, is next with a Garth Brooks' song called The Change. Phil is now the country boy and this could be the niche that saves him. Though I couldn't help but notice that he didn't exactly country it up this week. I thought he did fine and I think he is the best male vocalist left, but he is not an American Idol. He could benefit from a cowboy hat. He's a gargoyle.

I only saw fleeting moments of the Idol Gives Back vignettes, but did I see a bunch of kids stuffed inside a cardboard box at some point?

Back to AI and Jordin is next with You'll Never Walk Alone. I am beginning to wonder if I am losing my ear. I didn't think this was the best vocal all year. I thought it was shaky in parts and she cracked a little at the end with the big notes. That being said, she was better than everyone else but Melinda. The better news for Jordin is that she could be a believable American Idol. She is beautiful, talented, and young. She is just what the producers of the show is looking for year after year. She should and will win this thing.

Here is how I see the singers so far, Jordin, Melinda, Phil, Lakisha, Blake and bring up the rear, Chris. I also think the bottom three in my list will be the bottom three tonight. Chris could skate by because the judges took it easy on him, so I think Blake and LaKisha will be the bottom two and I believe LaKisha will go home in a minor upset. She has slipped the last couple of weeks and she doesn't need this show anyway.

Enough about last night, I can't wait until next week. Bon Jovi will be in town to help the singers in what I believe is hair metal night, but I could be wrong. I think Phil will sing Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi and country it up. I think Chris will sing a little known Krokus song called Long Stick Go Boom and the cameras will only be able to film him from the chest up. Blake will be singing Just a Gigilo/I Ain't Got Nobody by David Lee Roth and will turn it into a morose piano ballad. Melinda will sing Aldo Nova's Fantasy because it is almost 30 years old and she never sings a song written in the last millennium. And Jordin will once again wind up the show singing Winger's Seventeen in lingerie and thigh high boots. It should be a great night. Long live metal!!!!!


Travis said...

Great take.

I didn't get to see last night because we had a church gospel meeting. I dare say this is God reaching His Holy Hand down from heaven to save me from AI.

Thanks, God. I owe you another one.

Piccu said...

I was at a revival at my church last night, but thanks to the devil, I have a DVR.

BRATCH said...

I wonder who is going to sing "Naughty, Naughty" by Danger-Danger?

Piccu said...

Well, Legs would have if she hadn't gotten the boot a few weeks ago.

I am just sorry that Sanjaya is gone and we couldn't hear his rendition of Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue.

Travis said...

I'm holding out for Blake to cover "Rainbow In The Dark".

I would like to issue a public challenge to Lakisha. I challenge her to sing Paradise City by GNR. That could be the coolest thing ever on Idol.

Piccu said...

It would be cool for LaKisha to do Paradise City, but another good one with a gospel vibe is Poison's Stand.

I am thinking that this week will actually be rock music, but if AI had any onions in the bag they would indeed make it hair metal. It couldn't be any worse than Latin music night. That was truly horrible.