Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The mind of a shooter.

I just heard this article read on the Tony Kornheiser show and it is something to see. It is from the Washington Post and is about the shooter at Va. Tech and it really does creep you out knowing what ultimately happened. It explains what this person was like leading up to the tragedy.

This young man seemed very disturbed and seems should have been forced to seek help. In the end does anyone expect that someone, even as disturbed as Cho Seung Hui, would do what he did? Who knows what goes on in the head of someone so disturbed? I see things like this and wonder how anyone could do this to their fellow man. Unfortunately these are the times we live in because we always seem to see something like this in the news every week. It is a sad time not just for Va. Tech, but for the whole nation.

Read the article if you like, but be prepared, it is very creepy.

You may have to sign up for the Washington Post site to read it, but it is free.


Travis said...

I caught a bit of Geraldo Rivera being interviewed on Hannity and Colmes on the Fox News Channel last night. No one likes Geraldo, he's really just become a parody of himself over the years. But he said something that really agitated me last night. In his brief rant, he called Cho a loser and many other deragatory things.

Obviously the guy had serious mental issues. But attitudes of dismissal like Geraldo displayed aren't a solution, if there is one. Mental illness is just far too often trivialized or used as a vehicle for a cheap laugh. It's not trivial or funny.

This is a horrific example of how mental illness can metastisize into something unthinkable.

In this instance you've got a guy that everyone knew was well off center, but was seemingly functional. Socially, he was inept. Which is almost always the case with perpetrators of these types of acts of violence. And it seemed that people really tried to reach out and help. But sometimes help is too late in coming or too weak to suffice.

I would love to hear my_merlin's take on this. Instead of listening to a schmuck with an accounting degree talk about things which he is completely unqualified to discuss.

Piccu said...

Perhaps we will get his take on this on the podcast this week.

Charlie said...

Could the massacre that took place at Virgina Tech Monday morning be the result of a life-long speech impediment -- and the ridicule of classmates?

Read the linked blog for evidence and my hypothesis! BTW, I would post it here, but the info is too long for a comment.