Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Let's Celebrate the Gaytors!!

Let's all discuss the reasons why we hate the University of Florida Gaytors.

1. Joakim Noah. Nobody outside the national media likes this cat. He's arrogant, loud, obnoxious and overrated. But the reason no one like him is his pretending to be a thug. Noah, you're a rich boy. You're not a thug. Your life was not hard, you didn't struggle just to make it.

2. Joakim Noah (part II) Noah isn't smart. There's no two ways about it. While he's pretending to be a thug, his lack of intelligence is glaring and seems genuine.

3. They're playing with teams. Florida all season could beat anyone they wanted. All they had to do was turn it on. They consistently would give a half-hearted effort, then turn it on and destroy whoever they play.


Piccu said...

This is for future reference.

4. Billy Dunovan(as Billy Packer says it). He turned down the Kentucky job to return to a fan base that rivals the Atlanta Braves as the most apathetic sports fans in the nation.

UF only sold out one non conference home game in the last two years. UK sells out games against Morehead State. Sure there is more pressure, and there should be, but at least the fans give two craps about basketball at UK.

That of course is if Dunovan stays. If he comes to UK, he is the only reason to like the Florida Gators.

And I have to agree with everything said about Noah. He is so disturbingly annoying and grating, but we can all take solace in the fact that he cost himself millions of dollars by staying in school another year. Now all the scouts realize that he is not very skilled, he just happens to run very fast and hustle.

Travis said...

5. Joakim Noah (part III) he asks to be taken out of the national championship game because he's tired less that four minutes into the first half and less than two minutes into the second half, he does it again.

6. Florida fans are in abundance around the country. Why? Because they've got a giant bandwagon that's low to the ground and easy to hop on. Especially when you don't have to actually attend games.