Thursday, November 30, 2006

YEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! David Caruso's Greatest Hits

Another great find by me today. As some of you may know I love David Caruso. He is just so damn “eccentric” in his acting style. He never looks anyone in the eye while talking to them, except on rare occasions when he has sunglasses on. He takes his sunglasses on and off for no obvious reason and with no regard for whether he is inside or outside. In just about every show he utters what I consider his catchphrase, “MMM-HMMM.” As in, “It looks like we could be dealing with a gang hit, Horatio.” “MMMM-HMMM.” He must be a S.O.B. to work with, but he is so enjoyable to watch.

With all that said, I bring you this piece of Youtube mastery. One thing that never fails in a CSI:Miami episode, is that Caruso always begins the show right before the theme music blasts in with a bada** one liner, and about 95% of the time, before, during, or after the bada** one liner, he slides his sunglasses on and walks out of the frame. It is genius.

I bring you seven minutes of David Caruso’s bada** one liners before the theme song hits. Trust me; watch as long as you can. The longer you watch, the funnier it gets. Maybe this will convert the rest of you who do not consider Caruso an acting god. Enjoy!!! MMM-HMMM!!!

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BRATCH said...

That's awesome. It just goes to show you how much of a template they have for these shows.

They can write everything out of sequence. You have the setup and one liner before the intro. The musical montage(sp?) about 25 minutes in 1 to 2 wrongful accusations/arrests and other stuff I'm sure.

But it's a good show just like the other 15 CSIs. Too bad I don't watch it.